A New NAV Partner: The “best of the best”

Helen Russell founded a successful business software company over thirty years ago. As she grew the company, she incorporated NAVISION (today known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV) as its leading ERP solution for customers. Soon, Helen had one of the largest and most profitable NAV companies in the world. A few years later, she successfully sold her company to a large Scandinavian software firm.


NAV exploded around the world as one of the leading ERP solutions. As Microsoft continued to develop the product and modify the NAV partner channel, it became increasingly evident that the technical resources necessary for the effective implementation, support and upgrade of NAV customer installations were becoming thin and diluted. As in many maturing markets, quality had given way to volume, prolonged endless implementations, upgrades and costs.

The Mission: Expert, Cost-Effective

Building an entire career on the simple mission statement of making software work for the customer, not vice versa, Helen grew concerned over growing reports of endless, over-budget, over-estimate implementations, support and upgrades of Microsoft NAV. More importantly, too often customers and end-users were not receiving what they needed, wanted or paid for. Knowing the software could be very cost-effective with the right people implementing, Helen decided to form a unique top-tier NAV Partner and consulting group – Wildcreek Consulting (Wildcreek).

The Elite Team

Wildcreek is a formidable team of the top, best, certified NAV developers, implementers and IT professionals in the country. The average years of NAV expertise for a Wildcreek team member is 15 years. Wildcreek’s singular mission is making your NAV software work for you in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Wildcreek will work with existing NAV partners or can provide full service value-added reseller functions including: implementations, upgrades, support and licensing services. This focused, no frills, no other-agenda approach has already proven its considerable value for customers: stalled, bogged NAV implementations have been taken live and NAV upgrades estimated at nearly the cost of the original NAV implementation were fully performed and taken live in one-fifth the time and cost with more features and performance. This is what a quality product combined with a commensurate technical team can and should provide.
In addition to providing NAV Services, Wildcreek as a certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner can provide full licensing services, as well as manage your IT infrastructure and ensure that your systems are fine-tuned, fast, secure and running as smoothly as possible.

Why is it called Wildcreek?

Helen owns a creek in the Carmel Highlands, California called the "Wildcat Creek". She named her company it after her favorite place in the world.